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        Contact Us

        World Headquarters

        Chesterfield, Mo. Headquarters

        RGA is the only global life insurance company headquartered in the United States. We are one of the largest life reinsurers with approximately $3.0 trillion of life reinsurance in force, assets of $50.4 billion (as of December 31, 2015) and operations in 26 countries. Our World Headquarters is located in St. Louis, Missouri.

        16600 Swingley Ridge Road
        Chesterfield, Missouri 63017-1706
        T 636.736.7000
        toll-free 1.888.736.5445

        Global Operations and Corporate Support

        Skyline of the city of Toronto.

        RGA International Corporation, based in Toronto, provides support and assistance to RGA offices and subsidiaries across the entire enterprise.

        The team provides in-depth expertise and value-added services across a broad range of disciplines and supports our core business lines, which include individual life reinsurance, individual living benefits reinsurance, group reinsurance, financial solutions, facultative underwriting and product development.

        Toronto-Dominion Centre

        77 King Street West, Suite 2200
        P.O. Box 188
        Toronto, Ontario M5K 1H6
        T 416.943.6770
        F 416.943.0880